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Free Mind, Live in Peace Without Limit, Positive Energy!

Great Friends Everyone is free to express themselves, because the expression is true disclosure form. But of course, everyone is also free to provide feedback on our expression. Positive or negative their judgment, Careful in responding back! When someone even more, gave you a bad or negative response, then that’s when you’re tested to deal with real life. How do you respond to that response will be referred later life. How not? When you respond with a poor response as well, then it implies that it will lead to a disharmony between you. Each other would disfigure one another and discuss each in turn to others who do not know the problem. It is very dangerous … The response that you created spontaneously by following the momentary emotions will plunges into disharmony, lack of confidence, even the loss of confidence in yourself. But remember! This does not mean you have to act! Keep your self be true, you only need to dampen your emotions, think positively and consider it as a good warning, a guidance to lead to a much better direction than we Think. Be patient and smile stare at things we do not want, there is always magic and solutions behind it. And when you get a good response over you, be humble! Do not be proud of it … Never … Suppose you never get compliments, then you must fight to keep better and better in your life. Such properties will be well liked as long as you’re right in using it. Do not lie for personal use only! Make yourself comfortable as possible! Stay away from what you think that you can not control, rest your mind when you thought you’ve started to feel tired … Do what becomes your hobby as a way to make your mind calm down. Life is beautiful, so enjoy … 🙂 🙂 🙂 Sign of peace ” Yash “

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